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Yoga has been practiced for nearly 5,000 years, and its health benefits are beyond measure. Yoga strengthens and unifies our body, our mind, and our spirit to create a strong self. It has recently seen a resurgence in our fast paced world as a way to relax and reconnect with who we are.

Yoga can be practiced by everyone and increases strength, flexibility, mental sharpness, and most significantly it helps us achieve inner peace. Yoga gives us heightened awareness of our body and breath. During practice, we use this awareness to know where we should be in each pose to receive the most benefits and challenge ourselves safely. Yoga also enhances our individual spiritual journey by allowing us to quiet our minds and move inward where we are more receptive to the divine.

Tips before your first class:

-We are old school and only accept checks, cash and venmo. If you forget, please don't let it keep you from coming- just bring payment to the next class :)

-Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and deep breathing. Layering clothing is recommended to maintain your comfortable body temperature during physical exercise as well as relaxation and meditation.

-Two hours prior to class, eat and drink sparingly so you can move during class without resistance in the belly!

-Refrain from strong perfumes and clothing or jewelry that makes noise and may distract others from their practice.

-Bring a yoga mat. We usually have a few extras, but if you are a regular practicioner, we encourage bringing your own.

-Love the freedom of turning off cell phones before arriving.

-Arrive a few minutes early to sign in, get settled, and introduce yourself !
See you then.

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