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About Me- Cathy!

Like so many people, I discovered yoga when I realized my life was imbalanced. Diagnosed with cancer in December of 2000, I learned the importance of bringing my focus inward and directing energy into calming and opening my mind and my heart to less worldly things.

Yoga allowed me to understand and challenge my entire body from the inside out while strengthening me both mentally and spiritually. I am continually amazed at the flood of peace and internal strength each practice brings allowing me to experience life more fully. It opened me to revel in God's desire for us to embrace and become an integral part of the natural world around us. This connection with nature brought joy during pregnancy and strength during the beautiful birth of my daughter who has opened my eyes to the magic of sharing yoga with children. 

I find such pleasure and warmth in sharing the peace I have found, and enjoy sharing yoga as much as practicing it. Teaching from the heart opens me to my students, and I have received great inspiration from each of you.

May you find peace within on your spiritual journey.

Peachtree Yoga Center 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification-
Graham Fowler, Ursula Nix, Dawn Pogue
Prenatal/ Postnatal Yoga Certification-
Stephanie Keach
YogaFit Teacher Training Level I
Becky Martin
Yoga Fundamentals I & II Certification-
Lawrence Biscontini
2002 & 2004
A Few of Many Inspiratonal Workshops:
Anusara Workshop-
Desiree Rumbaugh
January 2009
Anusara Immersion Part I-
Gina Minyard
July 2008
Anusara Workshop-
Desiree Rumbaugh
OnlYoga Inversion Workshop-
John Merideth
December 2005
Anusara Intermediate/Advanced Workshop
John Friend
April 2005

Twisted Warrior Yoga
May you find peace within.

Yoga for Savannah, Georgia
Cathy Baxter: 912-704-5111

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